Examination Status ( at 9:24 AM on Mon, Apr. 22 )

If you have a clinic card of Hirotsu pediatric.
You can login this reservation site by using the number of the card.


Limitation the supply of Japanese Encephalitis vaccination
We have a page for this information. please click here.

Time reservation Web reception time

Web reception time
24-hour reception
・ medical examination: Reservations can be made from 1 month to 10 minutes before the day.
Regular infant medical examination / online medical examination : Reservations can be made from one month before to the day before.
・ Vaccination: Reservations can be made from one month in advance to the morning of the day .
・ Influenza vaccination: Reservations can be made from one month in advance to the morning of the day.

About confirmation and cancellation of reservations on smartphones etc.

If you would like to confirm or cancel your reservation on your smartphone, please press the reservation menu at the top right and select the desired menu.

About reservations for those who are new to our hospital

Please make a note of or print out the temporary patient number and password that will be displayed when you complete the reservation for a new patient, as you will need them when you change or cancel.
* Even if you bookmark on the completion screen, you cannot check it because the display changes.

Enter Vaccination History

This is a convenient vaccine management reservation that displays only the vaccines that can be inoculated.
Only vaccines that can be automatically inoculated based on the inoculation interval and the age of the child are displayed.
You will need to enter the history of vaccinations so far, so please enter it correctly while looking at the Mother and Child Health Handbook.
If you want to enter only the history, please proceed from [Enter vaccination history] in the reservation menu.

・ Please fill in the pre-examination slip as much as possible before you come.
・ Please be sure to bring your regular vaccination pre-examination slip and Mother and Child Health Handbook.
・ Please note that if you forget your vaccination card and Mother and Child Health Handbook, you will not be able to get vaccinated.

Please Regist your e-mail address

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